Second Hand Lemon Law Cars

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Second Hand Lemon Law

Second Hand Lemon Law

Second-hand cars can sometimes qualify for the lemon law if they meet the correct requirements. Even if you think second-hand cars don’t qualify for lemon law, this article will have a lot of good information for you.

Generally, second-hand lemon law cars can qualify for lemon law if they had problems and were repaired with the manufacturer’s warranty. These cases are more difficult than new car cases, but sometimes it is still possible to win.

At some point, even if your car is second hand, it might still have a manufacturer’s warranty. For example, even if you got your car from Carmax, you may still have a manufacturer’s warranty on the vehicle.

Second Hand Lemon Law

Year Of Your Vehicle

It is usually better if your car is newer. There are many important reasons for this in lemon law cases involving used cars.

However, used cars also have certain legal protections in certain circumstances. By the lemon law, your problems and repairs generally should have occurred while your second hand lemon car had a warranty.

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Second Hand Lemon Law

Free Consultation 24/7 Second Hand Lemon Law

We know there are so many questions you have when you have a faulty second-hand car. You may have obtained it from Carmax or from a private seller or private dealer, for example.

Either way, we are here for a free consultation and we will be happy to speak with you and discuss your situation with you. We have Spanish speaking staff available to speak.

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