Problems With A Brand New Car

Problems With A Brand New Car

Problems with a brand new car? Legal options for problems with brand new car is important. Attorney Jimmy Hanaie is a lemon law attorney that handles cases involving new automobiles that are having defects, issues, concerns, or problems.

In general, problems with a brand new car may result in a lemon law lawsuit. Under the lemon law rules, brand new cars that have defects that are not reasonably repaired by the automobile manufacturer, may result in a lemon law case. The consumer might get a large financial settlement.

It is unacceptable for a brand new car under warranty to have significant problems involving the use, safety, or value of the vehicle that the dealership is unwilling or unable to fix or trade with another vehicle. Just know that if you are unhappy with the current situation, you are not alone. We are on your side.

Brand New Car Problems

There are so many different types of problems that brand new cars sometimes have include sluggish transmission problems, idling when hot or cold, shaking issues, braking problems, wheel bearing problems, fuel gasket issues, and more. Unfortunately, sometimes the dealership service departments fail to provide adequate repair services as well.

Making a lemon law claim can help make the road a safer place to be for you, everyone in your car, and also people on the road. It can prevent accidents and liability by having a properly working vehicle. So, it is important to take action instead of waiting another second.

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Attorney Jimmy Hanaie

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie provides a free legal consultation (800) 400-5050. He loves cars, but also knows that they can sometimes be dangerous. That is why he has dedicated his life to the consumer lemon law and personal injury cases. He is building this awesome automotive car blog to provide awesome posts, free information, and more.

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