My Lawyer Is Not Responding To My Emails

My Lawyer Is Not Responding To My Emails

Is your lawyer not responding to emails? Communicating with your attorney effectively is very important. So if your lawyer is not responding to emails, there are some important things you should know about your legal options.

Both lawyers and clients must generally communicate with one and another. Lawyers are required to discuss important aspects of a case with their client whether that is through email, phone calls, fax, or other form of communication. An attorney that is not responding to emails might not be fulfilling that duty to their client. Also, it is not good customer service.

One of your legal options is to get a free second opinion and free case evaluation with our law firm if your lawyer is failing to respond to your emails or phone calls. There are many reasons why you may be unsatisfied or unhappy with your lawyer.

Thankfully, in most cases, it is possible to change or switch lawyers. Often, it is possible to do so without paying anything out of pocket. Especially if your cases is being handled on a contingency basis such as a car accident, labor law case, or other civil litigation case. Other kinds of cases like criminal cases or family law cases can be more complex sometimes.

If My Lawyer Is Not Responding To My Emails

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It is always completely free to speak with our law firm about any legal matter that you are dealing with. For example, if your lawyer is not responding to your emails and you want to get insight into the situation or look into changing your lawyer.

We have many years of representing individuals and families in many different types of cases and it always just begins with a free phone call, email, text message. The next step before we can represent you is that we will generally email you a retainer agreement for you to read and sign allowing us to take over the handling of your case.

Once we sign up a new client, if that client had a previous lawyer, we can email that lawyer and request for the lawyer to email us your entire file on your legal matter. The previous lawyer will usually send over the file within a day or two through email.

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