My Attorney Is Pressuring Me To Settle

My Attorney Is Pressuring Me To Settle

That my attorney is pressuring me to settle is a problem. Your attorney should not be forcing you or pressuring me to settle a legal claim. Instead, the lawyer is supposed to be your legal advocate and fight for your goals and best interests within reason.

Many people often search my attorney is pressuring me to settle, what should I do? Attorneys should not force, harass, duress, or pressure their clients to settle. It is important to stay relaxed and have reasonable expectations to discover what is in your best interest.

In fact, it is a good thing to fully hear out your attorney. However, if you have heard what your attorney has to say about your possible settlement and you are still unsatisfied, it is probably time to get a free evaluation from another attorney.

You have an option of getting a completely free consultation with another lawyer and discussing whether it might be a good option for you to switch lawyers. A different attorney will offer you a fresh perspective and differing outlook on the case and the merits of your legal claim.

Why Is My Attorney Pressuring Me To Settle?

Free To Discuss Your Case

We encourage you to discuss your case and potential settlement with our law firm. We have many years of fighting for and obtaining high settlements for our clients.

By hiring our law firm for example, we may be able to make a counteroffer for you to see if we can increase the settlement. If that does not work, we may even take the case to litigation and civil trial to get the best possible outcome.

It is usually very simple to change or switch your civil attorney. We usually simply request your file from your previous lawyer and do a substitution of attorney application with the court. That way we can take over where your previous lawyer left off and fight for you.

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