Mechanical Problems With Leased Car

Mechanical Problems With Leased Car

Mechanical Problems With Leased Car

If your leased car is having mechanical problems, there are important things you should learn. Mechanical problems with leased car can be very frustrating. However, if your leased car is having problems you may actually be entitled to money compensation through the lemon law for cars.

Generally, mechanical problems with leased car under warranty must be repaired by the dealership or manufacturer. In fact, if the dealership or manufacturer fails to repair or replace the vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation through the lemon law rules.

Leased Car

This post is specifically about leased cars, but purchased cars and financed cars have legal protections and important steps as well.

Usually, car dealerships and automobile manufacturers have certain duties and obligations to people and consumers who purchase or lease their cars. However, a lot of the repairs are only covered while your vehicle is still under warranty.


Mechanical Problems With Leased Car

Your leased car warranty does not last forever in most cases. That is because warranties have mileage cutoffs, time deadlines, and can also be voided in some cases.

  • Usually, warranties only cover the car up to a certain number of miles.
  • Typically, auto warranties for leased cars only cover repairs up to a certain number of months or years.
  • Generally, automobile warranties can be voided by certain actions like making modifications with aftermarket parts to the car.

Aftermarket Part Modifications

Installing aftermarket parts to a vehicle is one of the easiest ways to void your car warranty. Unfortunately, if you have voided or canceled your car warranty, it might not cover your repairs needed for the mechanical problems.

Repair Invoices

Mechanical Problems With Leased Car

If the dealership is in the process of or has already performed repairs on your vehicle, please make sure to keep good track of all of the repair invoices and work order documents they provide you with. You should ask them for the documents if they were not provided to you.

Lemon Law

After the repair shop has performed service work on your mechanical problems and you have obtained the repair invoices, it is a great time to speak with a lemon law attorney to evaluate your facts and documents to see if you might have a strong lemon law case. A lemon law case may entitle you to a lot of compensation such as reimbursement of your downpayment and car payments.

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