How Often Should You Hear From Your Personal Injury Attorney?

How Often Should You Hear From Your Personal Injury Attorney?

How often you should hear from your personal injury attorney depends on some important information I will share with you today. In fact, how often your personal injury attorney hears from you and communicates with you has a real impact on your case and level of customer services.

The level of how often you should hear from your personal injury attorney depends on the stage of your case you are currently in. If you are early on in your case and seeking medical treatment generally you will hear less from your lawyer than if your case is later on in litigation or in the trial stage. You should hear about important developments in your case every several weeks or months.

How much your lawyer communicates with you, and often you hear from the attorney, depends on the customer service of the attorney. Some attorneys are not good at speaking and talking with their clients on a regular basis. That is not a good sign and can even be negligent.

So, if you are not hearing from your lawyer often, I recommend at least taking the time to get a free personal injury consultation with a more experienced attorney. Most successful attorneys know the importance of client communication more than the average personal injury lawyer.

Should You Hear From Your Personal Injury Attorney? How Often?

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It is important to speak to your attorney often, and hear from them as much as possible. In fact, lawyers have an actual legal duty as licensed professional attorneys to communicate important developments of their client’s cases with them.

So, if your lawyer is not doing his part, it is very good that you are looking into and researching this matter. Communication is one of the most important aspects of a good relationship with your personal injury lawyer. So if that is failing, it might be a sign that your case is failing as well.

You should hear from your personal injury lawyer about your medical treatment status bills and medical records, negotiations conducted with the insurance adjusters, any settlement offers that are offered or received, problems that your case might have or is facing, and more.

A New Personal Injury Lawyer Can Hear About Your Case.

If your lawyer is not speaking to you about your case. Why choose that lawyer when there are so many other lawyers out there to choose from?

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