Dealership Has Had My Car For 3 Weeks

Dealership Has Had My Car For 3 Weeks

If the dealership has had my car for 3 weeks, what should I do? As a lawyer, I want to discuss what to do when a car dealership has had your car for 3 weeks or longer and what your legal options might be. Fortunately, sometimes you may be entitled to a large financial settlement reimbursement.

If the dealership has had your vehicle for 3 weeks it may potentially be defective and might qualify under the lemon law. Under the lemon law, if the dealership has your car for 30 days or more or if you car has had issues multiple times, you most likely have a lemon law case. That means you may be entitled to compensation reimbursement refund of your down-payment, lease payments, and more.

Even if you are not sure if your vehicle is a lemon or not or why it is taking the dealership so long to fix your vehicle, you can always call us for a completely free consultation and free case evaluation.

Its good to know that there is no fee unless we win and you may be able to obtain a large financial settlement recovery for all the defects and trouble that you are faced with right now.

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The main reason for writing this post is to let you know that you have legal options and may be entitled to a very large settlement if the dealership has had your car for three weeks or even if it was a little more or less than that.

For example, this might be your first or second or third time taking your car in for repairs. We would like to review exactly what is going on and see any documents you might have include your work order, repair invoices, vehicle contract and more.

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