Dealership Can’t Fix My Car Under Warranty

Dealership Can’t Fix My Car Under Warranty

The dealership can’t fix my car under warranty. You may be entitled to a legal financial compensation settlement if your car is having problems that the dealership can’t fix even though its under warranty. I am an attorney who handles many of these types of cases and there is no fee unless we win.

When a dealership can’t fix a car under warranty, you may be entitled to a financial reimbursement settlement for your car. You may be entitled to a large financial settlement including a possible refund of your down-payment, monthly payments, and more. These attorneys can help you get compensated without charging you any upfront fees.

Each and every day many people have problems with their vehicle that the dealership is unable to reasonably repair or fix. These problems can be issues such as problems with the engine, transmission, acceleration, shaking, balance, and other aspects of the vehicle.

Thankfully, we are a law firm that can help you without charging you any upfront fees. In fact, we help our clients obtain large financial settlements from automobile manufacturers such as Ford, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Acura, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Toyota, Chevy, GMC, and more. All without charging our clients a single penny out of their own pocket.

If A Dealership Can’t Fix Your Car Under Warranty Do This

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The dealership may have spoken to you and may have also provided you with repair invoices or work order receipts.

Our attorneys can help review all this information and paperwork for you absolutely free in order to determine if you can have a strong legal claim against the automobile dealership or manufacturer.

We understand that your vehicle is very important to you and your family. It helps you go to work, school, events, and all other aspects of your life. Now you cant do those activities as easily or safely or comfortably because your car is not getting fixed.

In addition, you are paying a lot of money for the vehicle whether it is a leased vehicle, financed vehicle, or purchased vehicle, and either way it is expensive. For paying so much money, they should be able to fix or replace your vehicle and they should not tell you that they can’x fix the car.

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Our attorneys are available to speak with you and encourage you to call us even if you are not sure if you qualify for a case. There is no fee unless we win.

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