Car has been in the shop for weeks

Car has been in the shop for weeks

If your car has been in the shop for weeks (or days in recent months), there are some very important things you should know. You have legal rights. You may be entitled to real monetary financial compensation if your car has been in the shop for weeks. However, there are some requirements to make this work and I want to explain it to you because I am a consumer lawyer.

If your car has been in the shop for weeks, it might be a lemon law vehicle. Under the lemon law, if your car is under warranty and having problems the dealership manufacturer might be required to reimburse your money back to you through a lemon law buyback. These settlements can be large with money back including down-payment, monthly payments, and more refunds being possible for you.

The lawyers in our law firm work on a contingency basis which means that we only get paid if and when you win. So, will you get charged if we do not win? No, we wont charge you a single penny if you do not win. You car is weird being in the shop for weeks, and you might have a strong claim.

There are many reasons why we have this level of confidence that we do. Its because we have many years of experience representing both individuals and families and have helped many people get paid financial settlements.

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We turn lemons into lemonade. When your car is defective it is referred to as a lemon law car. Consumers have many rights when they have a car that is under warranty and having problems.

Whether your car has been in the shop for over 30 days or if you have had serious issues with your car multiple times, you might have a very strong case and be entitled to some amazing settlement money.

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