Can I Sue A Dealership For Not Fixing My Car Under Warranty

Can I Sue A Dealership For Not Fixing My Car Under Warranty

Can I sue a dealership for not fixing my car under warranty? Lawyer Jimmy Hanaie, esq., explains can I sue a dealership for not fixing my car under warranty. However, knowing if you likely have a case requires answering important factors that go into making this determination.

You can sue a dealership for not fixing your car under warranty. This type of case is referred to as a lemon law case. You must have given the dealership a reasonable number of repair attempts or days to fix or replace the vehicle. If the dealership and manufacturer failed to remedy the problem, you may be entitled to compensation.

Suing a dealership takes time, effort, and knowledge. So, working with an experienced attorney can save you a lot of time and stress. In addition, most lawyers that sue car dealerships do so on a contingency basis which means that there is no fee unless you win.

Suing A Dealership For Not Fixing My Car With Warranty

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie could speak to you about how long the dealership has been repairing your vehicle, how many repair visits have taken place, what type of problems your vehicle is having, and more. We can also review your repair invoices and vehicle contract.

By gaining this information regarding the facts of your potential case, we will get a better viewpoint of your chances of winning if you a sue dealership for failing to fix your car. It is beneficial that we charge you no fee unless we win. That was it is very affordable for you.

In fact, you may entitled to a very large financial settlement. Receiving your call and speaking to you about everything you are going through is one of the first steps we take early on in your case. We encourage that you call and get a free consultation today or night. (800) 400-5050

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