Can I Change My Lawyer Before Settlement?

Can I Change My Lawyer Before Settlement

Can I change my lawyer before settlement? Yes, you can change your lawyer before settlement in most situation. So, if you are wondering can I change my lawyer? Continue reading for some helpful information that applies to this situation.

Yes, it is possible to change my lawyer before settlement usually. In civil cases, it is fairly simple to change your lawyer before settlement. Additionally, you usually do not need to pay anything out of pocket to do so. The new attorney will be required to settle the lien of the previous attorney for the amount of work done on the case.

So, if you believe that your lawyer is not fighting for you or is pressuring you to settle, it is possible to change lawyers. Regardless of your reason for wanting to change or switch your legal representation before a settlement, it is a fairly simple thing to do.

When we take over a case of another attorney we simply contact them on behalf of our new client and the old lawyer will send over the entire file to us within a day or two. You will generally not need to even talk to the previous lawyer ever again.

You Can Change Your Lawyer Before Settlement

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