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Kia Franklin Study on Settling vs. Going to Trial Aug 11, 2008 Comments (1)
National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights UN Recognizes Need for Racial Justice and Access to Courts Mar 10, 2008 Comments (10)
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Michael Townes Watson Pervasive Commercialization of Healthcare Services Feb 19, 2008 Comments (4)
Kia Franklin How will the candidates address racial inequalities in the civil justice system? Feb 07, 2008 Comments (0)
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Justinian Lane The secret to succeeding in the new economy might be a "poor legal climate." Nov 26, 2007 Comments (3)
Kia Franklin The New Redlining? Racial Undertones in Subprime Trends Oct 15, 2007 Comments (2)
Kia Franklin Public Citizen Press Conference at Noon (EST) Today! Sep 27, 2007 Comments (0)
Kia Franklin Public Citizen on Mandatory Binding Arbitration & Credit Cards Sep 26, 2007 Comments (0)
Cyrus Dugger International Law Meets the Workers’ Compensation System Oct 06, 2006 Comments (0)