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Kia Franklin Rejoice! Arbitration Fair! (ahem—kind of, for some people, sometimes, partially, according to one report). Mar 11, 2009 Comments (0)
Kia Franklin New Report Highlights How Drug Companies Fail To Protect Women Oct 29, 2008 Comments (2)
The Center for Justice and Democracy New CJ&D Report Tackles Controversial AG Cases Mar 26, 2008 Comments (3)
Kia Franklin Election ‘08—Will the Candidates Care about Civil Justice? Jan 10, 2008 Comments (2)
Justinian Lane The secret to succeeding in the new economy might be a "poor legal climate." Nov 26, 2007 Comments (3)
Kia Franklin Public Citizen on Mandatory Binding Arbitration & Credit Cards Sep 26, 2007 Comments (0)
Cyrus Dugger The Tort Liability Index: Why You Should Feel Free to Ignore It Jun 23, 2006 Comments (0)