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Auto Insurers Begin To Go After Toyota

The big names in the “reform” crowd have been falling all over themselves to defend Toyota against allegations that their cars have caused accidents.  The “reform” talking points have primarily been that (a) elderly drivers are to blame, and (b) trial lawyers are just trying to drum up business.  Now that the big name auto insurance companies (who fund a lot of the tort “reform” movement") are going after Toyota,  I wonder what the reform crowd will side with Toyota or the insurers:

Many insurers have begun notifying Toyota Motor Corp. that they will do just that.

"We're seeking to have them share in some of the financial liability, because part of it is their fault," said State Farm spokesman Phil Supple. 

Source: Insurers to recoup Toyota recall crash claims

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Posted at 1:05 PM, Apr 20, 2010 in Auto Insurance | Product Liability
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