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At Least Alito Likes Animals

I’m too much of an animal lover to be objective about this.  I think anyone who makes, sells, or watches animal cruelty videos is a scumbag.  At least Justice Alito agrees that animal cruelty shouldn’t be protected by the First Amendment:

In a strong embrace of its traditional First Amendment doctrines, the Supreme Court on Tuesday found unconstitutional a federal law that criminalized the sale or possession of certain depictions of animal cruelty.

. . . .

After oral arguments last October, we reported that Justice Samuel Alito Jr. was the only member of the Court who appeared sympathetic to the law, and on Tuesday he wrote the lone dissent.

Source: - Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Animal Cruelty Videos

Maybe Alito was the only member of the Supreme Court who owned a dog or cat as a kid.

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Posted at 2:15 PM, Apr 20, 2010 in Supreme Court Rulings
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