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On RaceWire… will AG Holder Face Race?

Will Eric Holder Make Good on His Word and Face Race? Julianne Hing asks whether the attorney general and the Obama administration will grapple with a racial discrimination case, the details of which are are horrendous to say the least. The plaintiff, FBI Agent Donald Rochon, said the following about his case and why he's pushing forward with it after over two decades of fighting for justice:

"The FBI is kind of using me as an example to scare other employees — whether they be Title VII claimants or whistleblowers — into not making complaints," he says. "Otherwise, they are going to be haunted for the rest of their life."

Read the full blogpost about this case and its larger implications on RaceWire.

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Holder may have a bigger discrimination matter to deal with. The suit filed this week in California and several other states alleges that the California Board of Regents allowed for lower tuition for illeagal immigrants to attend California State sponsored universities than it did for in-state residents. Further that it did this as part of a race profiling program. Multiple other states' boards have been named as well and it has been brought to the Federal courts.

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