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Tribute to a Hero, Father—Civil Justice Style

I love Twitter because it allows me to stay almost instantly updated with what fellow bloggers on TortDeform's roll are doing. From Twitter I learned that this week's BlawgReview was hosted by John Hochfelder of New York Injury Cases Blog. He added a deeply personal element to the review format--picking an interesting topic and then using the blawgreview to highlight, critique, and round-up what other blawgers and legal websites are doing--by talking about the life of his late father, a war hero:

By happenstance, I was assigned April 27th as my date to publish this piece. It so happens that April 27th - in 1922 - was when an American hero was born. He grew up in New York in modest economic circumstances, left college to enlist in the armed services and on February 19, 1945 landed on a small island called Iwo Jima and fought there as a United States Marine in the bloodiest battle of World War II.

I'm getting ahead of myself a bit. For now, all you need to know is that our hero made it through Iwo, lived a magnificent and honorable life and died an old man on September 20, 2004. His name was J. Gene Hochfelder, he was my father and this blawg review is dedicated to him.

Thanks John for the shout out to TortDeform, but more importantly, thanks for sharing the moving story of your dad, his heroism, and your special relationship.

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