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Here's a spillover from the weekend and late last week. Items I intended to cover at length but never got to, but which I think would be of interest to TD readers. Enjoy!

BLT writes about law firms that are doing their part to provide access to affordable representation, here. At a time like this, a commitment to pro bono is more important than ever. Way to step up!

If pointing out that kids are being exposed to toxic waste at school (according to one study, 2,000 times higher than the threshold for toxic waste) isn't enough to stir the Education Department to significant action, maybe a nice lawsuit will do the trick? One parent is going to find out. Another example of the importance of access to the courts as a means for demanding safety.

We should keep our eyes glued to SCOTUS. The fun has just begun. There are lots of important civil rights cases coming down the pike, discussed here. Given the administration's support of Lily Ledbetter and her discrimination case, it will be important to keep watch of how it treats other important civil rights cases as well.

A lengthy article in NYT about how Sen Kirsten Gillebrand worked tirelessly to defend Big Tobacco as an associate at a big law firm. What does this affiliation mean and how will it affect her ability to represent the interests of ordinary people? Seriously, I'm asking for opinions here.

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