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Instant Analysis of Obama’s Address to Congress

2009_SOTU_thumbnail.jpg This morning the Drum Major Institute released its analysis of President Obama's budget address to Congress. Here's a bit from the overview:

In a little over a month, President Obama has succeeded in advancing remarkable change for Americans striving to attain or hold onto a middle-class standard of living. Millions of students and their families will find a college education – increasingly the gateway to the middle-class – more affordable thanks to increases in federal grants and tax credits. Middle-class employees out of work through no fault of their own are able to rely on a reinforced unemployment safety net. Four million children who lacked the fundamental middle-class requisite of health insurance will become eligible for public coverage. Middle-class commuters will travel on safer roads and bridges and move more quickly on new and modernized transit lines. And every American will benefit from a cleaner and safer environment due to investments in renewable energy.

...The President’s vision is an inspiration, and his accomplishments so far are significant. But in the context of the most severe economic crisis the nation has faced in generations, our actions must be still bolder. To reignite economic growth and emerge with a middle class that is stronger and much broader, the President must think still bigger.

"Think bigger" how? Click on the image to read more about DMI's suggestions and detailed analysis of Obama's discussion of the Stimulus Legislation, the Financial Crisis, the Home Mortgage Crisis, Energy and Environment, the Auto Bailout, Health Care Coverage, and Education. DMI's report is also featured on AlterNet, here.

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