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Verizon wins the litigation lotto… but where are the “reformers?”

Attorney Brian Wilson took notice of the 33 million dollar default judgment Verizon got against a group of spammers and asks where the tort “reform” advocates are:

But here's what is newsworthy. If this were an injured plaintiff who sued Verizon and obtained the same result, we'd be reading press releases and quotes from groups like "The Institute For Legal Reform," a multimillion dollar wing of The Chamber Of Commerce, railing about how businesses are being held hostage by "lawsuit abuse" and how the tort system is a "litigation lottery" and other drivel.

Source: The Nicodemo & Wilson Bull's-Eye Blog: Verizon's $32 Million Judgment...Litigation Lottery?

An important part of the “reform” playbook is never to come down on the wrong side of popular sentiment.  Hence, we’re not likely to see too many “reformers” attack big verdicts against spammers, because everyone hates spammers – even more than they hate personal injury lawyers.  (Meaning that personal injury lawyers who spam are probably the most hated people in the world.)

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Posted at 10:31 PM, Jan 13, 2009 in In the News
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