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Slate Author Calls for Revival of Justice… For All, for a Change

What if this Slate article by Yale law professor Judith Resnik were among the mysterious contents of that envelope on President Obama's desk? You know, this one:

(Photo by Eric Draper)

Nope, it's a letter from Bush to Obama.

Well, at any rate, Obama should take a look at what Resnik has to say. She has some pretty hard-hitting ideas about what the DOJ can do to tackle this country's top civil justice priorities, including getting rid of pre-dispute binding mandatory arbitration clauses in contracts between corporations and individuals.

Here's an excerpt:

During the last eight years, government lawyers have also been in the forefront of cutting off access to courts for civil litigants. The new Department of Justice can begin by taking a different tack in some pending cases. A more profound change, however, would be for the DoJ to dedicate a group of its staff lawyers to the task of removing barriers to court for all sorts of people. (Keep Reading)

And the chorus of the angels sang... Seriously, this would be civil justice heaven.

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Posted at 5:35 PM, Jan 21, 2009 in Civil Justice | Consumer Rights | Pro-Civil Justice Reforms
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Resnick just wants to create lawyer jobs. If she wanted to increase access to justice, she would advocate ending all self-dealt, unlawful, lawyer and judge immunities, the reversal of Hans, and the repeal of the Eleventh Amendment. Such measures would give the victims of lawsuit and prosecutorial misconduct a remedy. The latter would include crime victims of the failure of prosecutors to do their jobs.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | January 22, 2009 4:43 AM