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For renters facing eviction due to landlord’s foreclosure

Here's something that hasn't been pointed out very often in the midst of all the foreclosure crisis finger pointing: what's going to happen to all the renters who, paying faithfully each month, may nevertheless find themselves displaced from their rental homes because their landlords go into foreclosure?

From the LA Times:

You're paying your bills, but your landlord isn't. And you're the one holding the eviction notice.

This is becoming an all too familiar scenario for thousands of renters nationwide who have become the unintended victims of foreclosures. Banks are booting good tenants onto the streets with little to no notice after seizing a property from a delinquent owner, ignoring tenant leases.

We already know Legal Aid Services and pro bono are not able to help meet the concerns of renters facing loss of shelter. From the article:

Tenant rights lawyers are few and far between and can be expensive, Baker says. And unfortunately, legal aid offices around the country are facing severe budget cuts, says Amy Marx, an attorney at New Haven Legal Assistance Association Inc. in Connecticut.

Civil Gideon anyone?

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Posted at 3:19 PM, Dec 26, 2008 in Civil Gideon
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Thank a lawyer if your landlord is in foreclosure, and you are homeless in winter. The vile lawyer forced banks to make loans in minority crack addict neighborhoods. Then the vile lawyer forced banks to assess the value of these crack addict properties at current market price, namely, zero. Now, the banks are not credit worthy. Then the lawyer run SEC failed to spot the oncoming tsunami. Why? The government, a wholly owned subsidiary of the criminal cult enterprise that is the lawyer profession, does nothing well. The lawyer profession is in utter failure in every goal of every law subject, save one, rent seeking.

In any case, tenants can get together, and negotiate the purchase of the building, at foreclosure prices. Leave the vile lawyer traitor out of it. I have no doubt the bank would love it and bend over backwards to accommodate the tenants.

This blog is a Trojan Horse for lawyer rent seeking, a synonym for thievery at the point of a gun. The insolence of the lawyer has no bounds. The lawyer caused the financial crisis. Now the lawyer wants worthless paper shuffling make work to remedy it.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | December 27, 2008 7:51 PM