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This Afternoon—LiveChat w/ Diana Levine!

Some of the text of the following announcement is borrowed from an e-mail from AFJ. I just thought this would be of great interest to TD readers who've been following the preemption debate:

Alliance for Justice will be hosting a livechat with FireDogLake tomorrow afternoon, featuring Diana Levine of Wyeth v. Levine. Wyeth v. Levine was heard by the Supreme Court on November 3 and is arguably the most important consumer rights case of this term. So pay attention!

AFJ recently released its film Access Denied, which features Diana and her story. AFJ thought that this chat would be a fantastic opportunity to let the public ask her questions directly. Details below:

When: Tuesday, November 8, 2008 at 3pm EST
What: LIVE Web Chat with Diana Levine
Where: FireDogLake, (NOTE: in order to have full commenting rights, you must register your email account (free of charge) with FireDogLake)

I plan on logging on for this conversation. It's not often that this kind of opportunity arises. Maybe I'll "see" you there.

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