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My vote.

Over the past year, Tort Deform has seen its fair share of blogposts, reports, op eds, and other items surrounding one very important question: what should a Pro-Civil Justice Presidential Platform look like, and which candidate would be most willing and most equipped to advance that platform in the next administration?

Fair-minded Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike will agree that over the past 8 years (and even beyond that) we've seen exactly what an anti-Civil Justice Platform looks like. We've seen an adminsitration bent on protecting corporations from consumer safety laws, complicit in allowing dangerous products and drugs to enter the marketplace through ineffective regulation, and committed to a blanket policy of reducing the effectiveness of lawsuits as a strong deterrent against corporate misconduct. The laundry list of compromises to the detriment of the little guy just goes on and on. We've blogged about it here on tortdeform. We've also highlighted what little tidbits of information we could extract from the campaigns, about where the candidates stand on these issues. And we've encouraged others to chime in about these issues and what they want the next President to do about them.

Today's the day to do something.

This morning I cast my vote. I got up ridiculously early. I could barely sleep. It felt like the night before the first day of school--you're wondering what's going to happen, you're nervous but ready to get started. The excitement is still palpable, everywhere.

I voted for the candidate I felt would be most open to (instrumental in, even?) a movement to restore the power of the courts. I voted because I value democracy, and that's the same reason why my vote was based upon who I thought would advance a Pro Civil Justice agenda. I voted for the candidate who I felt would be most interested in helping breathe life back into, restore substance to the legal rights and protections we're told we can rely upon.

I hope you did too.

In the swell of this election fervor, be sure to take a moment to reflect on why you voted, and why you voted the way you voted.

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Posted at 5:21 PM, Nov 04, 2008 in Decision 2008
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I voted for Obama by absentee ballot. Homey don't do lines. I did so to get the opposite of what is promised, in accordance with the Immutable Law of Hilarious Political Irony.

So if one wanted an East German style banking system owned and run by government, more regulation, bigger government, more taxes paid by the rich, an orgy of nation building, whom would one vote for, Kerry or Bush? History answers, Bush.

I will let you predict the consequences of your vote for Obama.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | November 5, 2008 2:37 PM

It is possible that Obama will turn out to be a brilliant President; however, it is also possible that he will turn out to be as bad as Jimmy Carter or Warren G Harding. Based on his very thin resume, it is impossible to say with any certainty as it seems his only real talent is at getting elected. Even his most partisan supporters cannot point out any significant legislation associated with his name, and he was hardly ever present in the US Senate (having lied to the voters of Illinois in telling them he wanted to be their Senator).

The only rational choice for President for this Libertarian was John McCain and that's the vote I cast

Posted by: Avenger | November 5, 2008 11:39 PM