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Interesting interview: Obama and his tort “reform” stance

Many people including myself have pointed out Obama's support for CAFA, the tort "reform" bill, as we've considered whether we'll be able to elect a pro-Civil Justice President this time around (see my report for more). I've also pointed to the several occasions over the course of this election when Obama has appealed to tort "reform" rhetoric in an attempt to demonstrate his willingness to reach across party lines.

Here's an interesting take from the Corporate Crime Reporter, a legal print newsletter. In this interview of AAJ President Les Weisbrod, Weisbrod has this to say about Obama and tort "reform":

"[Obama] said he voted for a class action bill and that the trial lawyers were unhappy about that. And that’s true. What he didn’t say was that as a result of that, and as a result of having dialogue over the issue, studying the issue more, that he doesn’t support any additional broad based tort reform measures. If you look at his written positions and statements on his web site and campaign, he doesn’t have anything near what we have seen. And in fact, his position with regard to medical malpractice is a good example. As opposed to embracing caps on medical malpractice, his position is that the way to reduce malpractice premiums for physicians is to subject medical malpractice insurance carriers to antitrust regulation.”

The article is subscription-only, but you can view an excerpted version of the interview online or order the ful article by going herehere.

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