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NYT Letter on Arbitration in Nursing Homes

Remember I blogged about all the safety violations they're finding in nursing homes, and how this is particularly atrocious in light of the fact that victims can't even take their abusers to court? Well in case you didn't catch it, as a follow up I wanted to share the link to this great letter to the editor (NYT).

The writer, Harper Jean Tobin, staff attorney for the Herbert Semmel Federal Rights Project, National Senior Citizens Law Center, writes about creating better incentives for quality care in the nursing home industry, arguing that "one bad incentive today arises from the ability of nursing home facilities to shunt serious cases of abuse or injury into a secretive, industry-controlled arbitration system. Many admission contracts now contain skewed arbitration clauses that residents, often in the midst of a crisis, are in no position to weigh or refuse." Click the link above to read the whole piece.

This is great advocacy here. One of the best bang for your buck ways to voice your opinion about binding mandatory arbitration, or any other civil justice issue, is to just write your local newspaper or favorite national paper. You don't even have to write a long op ed. Just write them a quick note expressing your reaction to the article and how it relates to civil justice concerns. And think about it: if enough of us do it, something's going to be printed. This can make a huge impact in terms of public awarenss, which is very important given that tortdeformers are hard at work, and backed by more resources, to do the same thing.

For more ideas about blogging and otherwise spreading the word about civil justice issues, check out the Memo to the Netroots on Civil Justice.

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Thanks for the mention, Kia. You're right: these things don't take much time and can reach a broad audience. I developed the habit of writing LTEs as a teenager and it's served me well.

Posted by: Harper Jean Tobin | October 9, 2008 1:53 PM