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Notable and Quotable: “I am a greedy trial lawyer.”

Here's a notable/quotable from lawyer/blogger Jeffrey M. Reiff, a "greedy trial lawyer"... greedy for justice, that is. Check out the excerpt and follow the link to finish reading:

I AM A GREEDY TRIAL LAWYER I have been a lawyer since 1979, aggressively protecting the rights of catastrophically injured individuals. Yes, I am a greedy trial lawyer. I am greedy for justice. As I listen to politicians, including presidential candidates, conveniently noting that lawyers are like bottom feeders or the “scum of the earth” or where I hear ignorant people telling me that trial lawyers are greedy, I can only think to myself that had it not been for trial lawyers, the greed of corporate America and Wall Street would certainly doom us all. When one thinks of greed, we think intuitively that greed is bad. We think of a self-serving, selfish individual who cares about nothing but accumulating wealth. Until lately, we did not hear much about greedy banks, greedy insurance companies or greedy Wall Street investment firms. What we did hear about most is greedy trial lawyers. Today the individual taxpayers are left holding the bag for the most massive bailout of greed in the history of developed nations. It is only when we feel the pain individually that we have the tendency to catagorize something or someone as greedy. Anyone living in today’s world knows that trial lawyers have been under attack and many of the rules applicable to injured and innocent victims have been changed or legislated away to give big corporations more and more power. The most contentious area of tort reform, and the area in which tort reform advocates focus, is on personal injury and the greed of the trial lawyer. (Keep Reading).

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Posted at 7:54 PM, Oct 27, 2008 in Tort "Reform" Myth-Busting
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If Greedy Trial Lawyer charges his clients the usual 33% to 45% of the take then, yes he is a greedy parasite, all protests to the contrary. The complaint against tort reform is entirely bogus because most litgation is against small businesses, not large business, especially that revolving around the ADA and similarly ill-conceived state acts

Posted by: Avenger | October 28, 2008 4:38 PM

The trial lawyer destroys $millions of economic value each year alive. The growth of our economy should be 9%, not 3%, thanks to the lawyer. The tort law is a form of stealthy, wrongful, Commie, industrial policy, deterring entire industries, not just malfeasors. There is no evidence of the slightest enhancement of public safety.

The lawyer has dealt itself total, airtight immunity for the massive damage it causes to millions of productive people.

What an unseemly, self-serving, misleading piece of lawyer propaganda garbage. Why Kia disgraces her profession by these ridiculous postings, I have no idea.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | October 28, 2008 8:47 PM

I think this posting is great. I did not believe in trial lawyers or the legal system until tragedy struck my own family. My efforts to recover compensation were stonewalled by a greedy insurance adjuster, who made me feel like a criminal, until the matter was handled by a lawyer on a percentage fee basis. Had it not been for my lawyer, my family and I would have been victims without a voice. I did not appreciate lawyers, until I needed one.

Posted by: Hanz Zimmeral | October 28, 2008 9:49 PM

Hanz Zimmeral - every now and then you run into a situation such as yours. More often you find a cynical (rather than greedy) adjuster who has handled too many bogus and/or grossly inflated claims becoming too suspicious - this is known as "burnout"

I worked as aclaim adjuster for a number of years. About 90% of all claims resolve easily. Another 5% involve legitimate differences of opinion. The remainder involve some degree of fraud. EVERY fraudulent claim (meaning every claim I felt strongly enough to refer to the State Fraud Bureau) had an attorney representing the claimant

This site would have far more credibility if it took a stronger position on attorney ethics, instead treating all plaintiff attorneys as walking deities.

Indeed, the ethical standards expected of claim adjusters, in most states, are far higher than those demanded of attorneys. A few years ago the Florida Supreme Court suspended Jonathan Rotstein's ability to practice law for one year. His offense: he let the statute of limitations expire on a clients case, then backdated a letter to her advising her that he was dropping her case and to seek new counsel. Had I ever been guilty of a similar offense, I would have lost my license as an adjuster forever. I commend you to H.A.L.T.'s website if you need more examples of how poorly the legal profession regulates itself and why the bar should not be allowed to be self-regulating

Posted by: Avenger | November 1, 2008 9:40 AM