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Where’s the Justice? Discuss today at 3pm

So... as Paul Bland's blogpost from Thursday reminds us, the DOJ's efficacy in protecting our interests lately has been, well, underwhelming to say the very least. Today you have an opportunity to participate in a serious dialogue about what we can do about this. Alliance for Justice (read their report, Attorney General Michael Mukasey After Nine Months) and FiredogLake are hosting a live web chat with Martin Lederman, Georgetown Law School Professor, today at 3:00 p.m. EDT, discussing the question: How do we restore the rule of law at the Department of Justice?

About Professer Lederman, from AFJ:

Professor Lederman is one of the nation's foremost critics of the recent politicization of the Department of Justice and was an Attorney Advisor in the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Counsel from 1994 to 2002. While there, he concentrated on questions involving freedom of speech, the Religion Clauses, congressional power and federalism, equal protection, separation of powers, copyright, and food and drug law. Prior to his time at the Department of Justice, Professor Lederman was an attorney at Bredhoff & Kaiser, where his practice consisted principally of federal litigation, including appeals, on behalf of labor unions, employees and pension funds, with particular emphasis on constitutional law, labor law, civil rights, RICO and employment law. He regularly contributes to the weblogs SCOTUSblog and Balkinization, frequently covering matters related to executive power, detention, interrogation and torture.

We expect today’s discussion to provide a frank and lively exchange about the future course of the Department of Justice.

To participate in the conversation, go to FiredogLake and create a free user profile. I'll definitely be on there! Also be sure to visit AFJ's blog:

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