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The Party Platforms and Civil Rights

On Huffington Post, Cristobal Joshua Alex of the National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights offers a closer look at the party platforms and how they treat important civil rights issues that affect women, the LGBT community, immigrants, and the disabled. Definitely worth checking out, especially for those who are a little tired of the election gossip and ready to dig back into the issues that will actually affect our lives:

The nation's attention these last two weeks has been on the flashy conventions, the big speeches, and Sarah Palin's bulldog lipstick. But what hasn't garnered much interest are the real differences in the two parties' platforms. A comparison of the Republican and Democratic platforms on judicial nominations and civil rights shows the two parties have strongly differing views, and not just on the importance of community organizers vs. PTA members. Because of the density of the platforms, I've only addressed a few civil rights issues here—the rights of women, immigrants, LGBT, and people with disabilities—and will leave the discussion of civil liberties, and affirmative action for another day. (In case you were wondering, the Republicans are against "quotas" and the Democrats support affirmative action.) (Keep Reading)

More on this to come. In the mean time, check out NCRC's blog.

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Posted at 4:18 PM, Sep 09, 2008 in Decision 2008
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