Kia Franklin

The 9/11 Broken Record Plays On


Seven years later, have we become desensitized to stories like this? As the broken record of 9/11 governmental neglect plays on, I hope we continue to listen up rather than tune it out.

"My brother went to his grave without peace of mind that his family would be cared for and this is disgraceful in what is meant to be the greatest country in the world.

"He never wanted a settlement of millions of dollars. All he ever wanted was what he believed he deserved.
"Now I am his voice and my family wants to see him get the acknowledgement he deserved. His children deserve what he would have provided for them if he was still alive," she told the Irish Independent.

Philip's mother, Mary, who moved to New York from Donegal 44 years ago, said that the pain of her son's loss was enormous.

"We just miss him so much. It's devastating," she said.

I bolded the section that pretty much boils down the civil justice aspect of this persisting national injustice. The vast majority of people just want what's fair and right--what they deserve. They don't want or expect the rare "windfall verdicts" that tortdeform advocates seize upon and sensationalize so they can keep helping corporations evade responsibility.

So many sick 9/11 first responder workers have died and will die without being acknowledged for the true extent of their sacrifice to this country. It's sickening. Thankfully there are some tireless advocates who keep insisting that this issue get some attention, no matter how many years it takes.

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Posted at 7:06 AM, Sep 05, 2008 in 9/11 & Ground Zero | Civil Justice | Tort Victim Tragedies
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