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Watch It—Tort “Reform” Debunked

About a month ago I linked to a post by Mark Wahlstrom, who persuasively and clearly lays out why every citizen of every political stripe should support civil justice, and oppose tort "reforms" that take away our access to the courts.

Well, if you've got 10 minutes, below is a great dialogue between Mark Wahlstrom and Jan Schlichtmann. One a Democrat, one a Republican, they each discuss how both political parties have fallen into the corporatist trap and sold out ordinary citizens in favor of corporations. And they talk about it in the context of the two biggest issues right now: the election and the economic crisis.

Don't have ten minutes? How about one? At 1:52, Wahlstrom breaks down how tort "reform" became an issue associated with the Republican party. How about two minutes? From 3:58-5:44 tort "reform" gets debunked (I just saved $2 on my car insurance by switching to tort “reform.” Except I've never actually seen that $2.). Got 2 and a half minutes? From 7:15-9:40, the tort "reform" agenda as a bi-partisan affliction that American citizens don't have to suffer from. The cure is simple: stop blindly following the politicians who benefit from tort "reform," and instead really think about the interests at stake here and get informed.

They also talk about the need to get more people involved in encouraging in-depth discussion of these issues, especially right now as we consider who we're going to elect to lead this country. In my Memo to the Netroots on Civil Justice I lay out some ideas for how to expand this discussion. And the Election '08 Pro Civil Justice Presidential Platform advances six policies that would strengthen access to the courts for ordinary people.

Go visit Mark Wahlstrom's blog--he also has a great post on the bail out and tort "reform."

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