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Washington Supreme Court Prohibits Class-Action Bans

Good news for Washington consumers:

The state Supreme Court says unanimously that class-action lawsuit waivers in phone company contracts aren't valid in Washington state.

The court's Thursday ruling says the state's Consumer Protection Act prevails over such class-action bans.

Source: Local News | Phone companies can't ban class action in Wash. | Seattle Times Newspaper

The tort reform movement will likely characterize this decision as either an encroachment on the freedom of contract, or the the work of activist judges.  In reality, it’s rational, common-sense decision that prevents phone companies from forcing consumers to waive their legal rights.  Kudos to the Washington Supreme Court for putting consumers first.

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The Washington State Supreme Court has proven itself to be pretty arrogant lately. Apparently contracts in Washington are valid only as long as the Court approves of the end result. In another recent case the Wa-Sups also had to strike a clause wherein the parties agree to apply the law of the State New York to the contract in order to reach their conclusion.

Posted by: Avenger | September 3, 2008 9:17 PM