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Sign the petition against FDA preemption

I saw at Pharmalot that TortDeform contributor Hank Greenspan worked with a broad group of policy analysts, healthcare professionals, and patient activists to setup an Internet petition against FDA preemption.  I’ve signed it – so should you.

We, the undersigned, petition Congress to guarantee the right to a day in court if a person is harmed or killed by an FDA-approved product. Specifically, we stand against the policy of FDA preemption.
What is FDA preemption? The Food and Drug Administration, whose responsibility it is to safeguard the public, is attempting to take away the right of American citizens to hold a manufacturer accountable for damages caused by an FDA-approved medication or medical device.
Such preemption reduces industry accountability, even while it endangers our civil rights and public health. 

Source: FDA Preemption = Bad Medicine Petition : [ powered by ]

Click here to sign the petition.

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Thanks for spreading the word, Justinian. I would only add that this was not "my" initiative, but that of a very diverse group of people - healthcare workers, patient advocates, policy analysts, etc. (we have about everything except lawyers!). Many of us were deeply influenced by the New England Journal of Medicine editorials on preemption. We are politically all over the map - including social issue conservatives, libs, etc.. I know we have significant suuport within the pharm industry as well (some people have signed anonymously).

We are NOT anti-pharma. Full disclosure - I myself have significant (by Justice Roberts standards) ownership of stocks in drug and device companies. I believe being anti-preemption is a way to _protect_ those investments - and to help protect much more.

Posted by: HG | August 26, 2008 11:32 AM