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Jane Genova at Point of Law Discusses Pets and Evacuation

Thanks to Jane for covering this important issue and helping save pets.

Gustav - Pets Go with the People

Today THE WALL STREET JOURNAL has a photo of a dog in a container, all ready to evacuate with its two-footed family. This change from Katrina days, when pets were left behind or owners stayed behind to be with them, is partly because of the power of the medium of blogging.

During Katrina, the call went out in the blogosphere to do what we could. And could I would with animal rescues.

One of the most poignant tales during that horror was of the boy who cried so hard he vomited when he realized he couldn't take Snowball on the bus out of New Orleans. Highlighting the Snowball tragedy, we volunteers in cyberspace helped get coverage of the lack of planning for pets during crises. Major media such as WSJ ran ongoing coverage. In Congress, Connecticut's Christopher Shays sponsored a bill restricting FEMA funds only to communities with provisions for pets during crises.

Gustav might be a monster but we humans can get through anything as long as we have our loved ones, including the four-footed ones.

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