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Inter Alia on the Internet – Friday Edition

I’d say I’m 95% well now.  Just a little stuffiness in my ear and the occasional cough are all that remain.  I rarely get sick, and when I do, it’s not this bad.  I suspect a “reformer” put a hex on me.

  • Should Internet trolls go to law school?  I write at Corpreform that they’ve already figured out the “duty to rescue.”
  • Sour grapes at Point of Law: Carter Wood seems very upset that a new consumer protection bill is likely to become law.  Not sure why he's so upset about since he already noted that manufacturers had a hand in drafting the bill.
  • Dr. Dipak "Hepatitis C" Desai has suffered two strokes.  Let's hope these don't prevent victims from receiving compensation. 
  • Professor Childs has taken over the Personal Injury Roundup.  My coverage of the "pharma free" experts list is mentioned.
  • Walter at Point of Law discusses the Sprint early-termination fees lawsuit.  He quotes another article suggesting that Sprint is getting the shaft because consumers aren't paying for their phones.  Only trouble is the early termination fees apply even after you've paid for the "subsidized" phone.  Ask me how I know. 
  • The pharmaceutical industry thinks bipartisanship is an "unholy alliance."  Isn't it nice to see politicians on both sides of the aisle work together for consumer safety?
  • Scott Kappes at Injuryboard really liked my piece on Trasylol and preemption
  • Even Sri Lanka knows our FDA is "short staffed" and "packed with industry-funded scientists." Which explains why drugs like Trasylol get approved.
  • Young lawyers and law students will have more opportunities to perform oral argument before the 9th Circuit.  This is such a good thing. 
  • Maybe pharmaceuticals shouldn't fear stricter drug safety rules, since they apparently help bring drugs to market that otherwise wouldn't be. 
  • Could these three deaths have been prevented?  Paper mill was cited three times for safety violations prior to explosion. 
  • Look at the positive thing GM's in-house lawyer has done for veterans.  When they want to, corporations can really help consumers.

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