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This is my last week here in Austin before I return to Lansing in preparation of my second year of law school.  If anyone wants to grab a cup of coffee or a burger while I’m on the road, shoot me an email. 

  • The fees the FDA charges to approve a drug are going up to $1.24 million.  Some suggest that the FDA’s heavy reliance on these fees tempt the agency into making incorrect decisions since it only collects them if they approve the drug in a timely manner.

  • Candidates for the position of Executive Director of the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners hope to “restore trust” to the board, which has seen its reputation destroyed thanks to the Hepatitis C Scandal.  (Remember also that Dr. Desai was the largest contributor to the Nevada tort "reform" campaign.) 

  • Cameron Kinvig, an attorney with a self-described "conservative judicial and legal philosophy" suggests that whether to execute Jose Ernesto Medellin is purely Texas' business.  I wonder if he's one of those conservative attorneys who sets aside their disdain for international law when they're advocating enacting European style "reforms" like loser pays...

  • Controversy over whether law school deans should boycott the U.S. News rankings.  After reviewing the final exams that Professor Obama put out in his Con Law class, my own Con Law exams, and Con Law exams from some of the "super elite" law schools, I'm beginning to suspect there is little difference in the quality of a first-year education between schools.  Especially since so many of them use the same books.  Thoughts on the matter?

  • Is it a bad thing that criminal records are becoming easily accessible?  I personally don't think so, but then again, I don't have a criminal record.

  • Actavis Totowa runs a manufacturing plant in Little Falls, NJ.  It ought to be called Lotsa Fails, because they keep failing FDA inspections.  Thanks to their inability to comply with manufacturing standards, they're recalling a wide variety of drugs.  This is the same plant that turned out the "double dose" Digitek pills that killed a number of people, btw.  What does it take for the FDA to close down a plant?

  • Earlier today I wrote about the supposed lawsuit crisis hurting doctors in Florida.  Now a doctor is suing a pharmacist who accused him of prescribing too many narcotics.  Way to be part of the solution, doc.

  • "Reformers" love to call California a "nanny state" because it often fights to protect its citizens.  For example, it just got potato chip manufacturers to lower the level of a carcinogen in their chips.  How is this a bad thing?

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Justinian: Tell us the subjects of 1L and of 2L.

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