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What’s behind the wonk at DrugWonks

I'm a little late here but thought I'd share a link to journalist Evelyn Pringle's in-depth articles about what some have called an astroturf tort "reform" group for the big drug companies, the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest. Detailing the people and political agenda behind CMPI and its blog DrugWonks, Pringle writes about its work promoting tort "reforms" like federal preemption (here's some TortDeform background on preemption) and attacking anyone who has anything to say to the contrary.

The article comes in two parts (here's part one, here's part two). It is a long read but well worth the time. The article points out the following about some of the most influential people at CMPI.

* CMPI President, former FDA associate commissioner Peter Pitts, is also Senior VP of Global Health Affairs at Manning Selvage and Lee (MS&L), a powerhouse PR firm for big drug companies that engages in media and legislative campaigns to protect big business through tort "reform".

*A CMPI advisory board member is former FDA chief counsel, Daniel Troy, whom Pringle describes as "the Godfather of preemption." She says "his bio brags that he 'played a principal role in FDA’s generally successful assertion of preemption in selected product liability cases.'"

*CMPI VP is Robert Goldberg, previously Director of the Manhattan Institute's Center for Medical Progress and Chairman of its 21st Century FDA Task Force.

The powerful machinery at work for tort "reform" creates a David v. Goliath dynamic in the battle for civil justice. Just look what ordinary people are going up against in the fight to be able to hold corporations and our government accountable for actions that hurt the public.

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