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Asbestos Across The Pond

Sadly, U.S. corporations aren’t the only corporations who purposely hid the dangers of asbestos.  The U.K. is struggling with their asbestos epidemic, and it mirrors ours: Large asbestos corporations knew early on that their product was killing people.  Rather than disclose the truth and go out of business, they instead chose to lie about it and kill tens of thousands of innocent citizens.  4,000 citizens died in the U.K. from asbestos in 2005 alone.  That’s about 1,000 more than died in the attacks of 9/11.  

There are nearly one million documents on microfiche sitting in the office of the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School academic Geoffrey Tweedale. They expose a scandal that ranks among the biggest and costliest of our age: how the Lancashire manufacturing giant Turner & Newall (T&N), once the world's largest asbestos conglomerate, exposed millions to a lethal carcinogen in full knowledge of its dangers, using PR firms and politicians to hide a truth that it had secretly admitted to in 1961, namely that "the only really safe number of asbestos fibres in the works environment is nil". (Emphasis added.)

Hidden in this massive archive are documents, revealed here for the first time, which tell the story of corporate recklessness that has led to the deaths of thousands of men and women in Britain who were once exposed to asbestos.

Source: New Statesman - Asbestos: The lies that killed

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Posted at 9:09 AM, Aug 28, 2008 in Asbestos
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