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Check it Out: Memo to the Netroots on Civil Justice

In his video-address to Netroots Nation participants, Senator Barack Obama commented that: “This is one of those moments in our history when we have a chance to create a real grassroots movement and lay the groundwork for a lasting progressive future.”

But in order to lay the groundwork effectively, progressives have to work together to create a blueprint in which we all believe. So what do we believe in? And are we making these beliefs known?

I think one issue that should be of top priority to progressives who visit and contribute to blogs is fighting for civil justice and access to the courts. Progressive bloggers felt the exhilarating rush of our potential and power to mobilize on this issue as we organized against troubling FISA legislation, which protects telecommunications corporations that may have illegally spied on innocent Americans. The heavy blow of our legislative loss is by no means the end of our struggle. If anything, it demonstrates how important it is that we understand the FISA situation as it fits into a larger set of issues related to access to the courts and our civil justice system. Which gets me to making our beliefs known.

At the 2008 Netroots Nation Convention, DMI helped launched an important discussion about expanding the fight for civil justice and access to the courts—the fight to ensure that the civil legal system works effectively for ordinary Americans and is not just a game rigged in favor of large, powerful corporations. I was supposed to moderate the panel, but was unable to attend due to an emergency. So to keep the dialogue going, I'm sharing a comprehensive memo on how progressive bloggers can continue to take on civil justice issues online and encourage more organizing offline.

The Memo to the Netroots on Civil Justice discusses how to get progressive bloggers more involved in this conversation. Check it out! And soon to come, I will put up video from the Netroots Nation Convention. We can also look forward to some guest posts from others who participated on or attended the panel.

I look forward to your comments!

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Posted at 8:18 AM, Jul 21, 2008 in Civil Justice
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