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Inter Alia on the Internet– July 16th

Hope you’re all having a better Wednesday than me: I’ve managed to catch one of those dreadful summer colds.

  • The Wall Street Journal reports about “virtual law firms.”  Solo practitioners have been doing this for years – they just called it having a home office.  More on the virtual law firm at
  • Massachusetts has decided it’s OK for pharmaceuticals to bribe doctors into prescribing medicines.  I mean, to give them gifts and meals.
  • A lawyer dons “tighty whities” to demonstrate the “torture” Gitmo detainees go through.  Color me unsympathetic on this one since our own school districts are strip-searching 13 year old girls to find such weapons of mass destruction as ibuprofen.
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb is starting to send out the $500 million refunds to the state governments it ripped off. If “reformers” are so worried about saving the taxpayers money, why aren’t they attacking companies who defraud the government?  Better still, why are they trying to make it harder to bring whistleblower lawsuits?
  • Walter at Overlawyered snarks a bit about how didn’t have any bidders.  One domain name that did have a buyer was  Who bought that one?  Why, the makers of Ortho Evra, of course.
  • Is there really that much difference between role-playing a German prison sex fantasy and a Nazi prison sex fantasy?  Kind of makes Spitzer’s fall from grace a little less interesting, doesn’t it?
  • Great article on whether John McCain is really eligible to be President.

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