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I’m mostly over this cold/flu/whatever, except for lingering troubles in my right ear.  Which is really aggravating because I’ve just discovered a band called The Boxer Rebellion that I’d like to be able to listen to with more clarity.  Thanks to whoever suggested the neti pot, btw.

  • Even though we’re the number one builder and user of medical device implants, we don’t have a national database to verify the devices are safe and effective.  What are American doctors to do?  Check foreign databases, of course.
  • I did not know that the American Medical Association used to be segregated.  Nor did I know there was a higher percentage of black doctors when it was segregated that today. 
  • Walter is looking for guest bloggers at Overlawyered.  I applied a couple of years ago and got a very polite rejection email.  Oh well, there’s still a ton of content about me at Overlawyered.
  • Tortdeform contributor Eric Turkewitz has a nice op-ed about medical malpractice in a New York paper.  His suggestion?  Maybe doctors should discipline the four percent of doctors that make up half of all malpractice claims.
  • Seems like Jack Bauer had more influence on our torture policies than the Constitution.  Interesting tidbit about me: I’ve read the Constitution more than once but have never watched even one episode of 24.  No wonder I haven’t been tapped for a job in this administration’s DOJ.
  • Professor Childs notes the release of a list of pharmaceutical experts who haven’t taken money from the pharmaceutical industry.  Predictably, Ted and the “Preemption Twins” are combing the list for those doctors who took plaintiff’s lawyer money. 
  • Daniel Solove at Concurring Opinions posts some Youtube videos explaining what to do if you’re questioned by the police.  In a nutshell: Shut your mouth. 
  • Build a Solo Practice turned me onto a cool web site that lets you send “self-destructing” one-time notes over the Internet. 
  • Will Merck & Schering-Plough be indicted for their ENHANCE shenanigans?  My money is on no.

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Posted at 7:23 PM, Jul 29, 2008 in Roundup
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Eric has nerve. He should police the land pirate with a 75% failure rate at every stage of the medmal claim. Eric refuses to provide his own failure rate for medmal claims. That failure rate represents a massive class tort. The lawyer has the total protection of the biased lawyer on the bench. There is no legal recourse for the carelessness nor for the plundering of the lawyer. He has it rigged airtight. Only self help remains to protect clinical care from the lawyer.

I believe that total e-discovery should be done on the enemies of clinical care. I would love it if Eric came to my state. I would have a defendant demand all computers ever touched by the lawyer, and the totally biased lawyer on the bench. All defendants should do total e-discovery on the other lawyer, the plaintiff, and on the judge. If the slightest resistance is offered, demand dismissal of the case. If any lawyer refuses, seek personal sanctions. Once the computers are turned over, publish the content to the web, for the use of future victims of the carelessness of the lawyer.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | July 31, 2008 2:00 AM

The Boxer Rebellion are fantastic! hope your ear is good now.


Posted by: Marinella | August 19, 2008 11:56 AM