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Current and Former FDA employees launch blog critical of FDA’s safety policy

I wonder why there isn't an FDA "insider" blog complaining that the agency is overly cautious?   Hmmm...

new web site called has emerged that is highly critical of the agency and, in particular, FDA commish Andy von Eschenbach, who is accused of oppressing FDA employees and preventing them from doing their jobs. The site, which is anonmyously crafted, is allegedly the brainchild of an unknown number of current and former agency employees.

Their goal: “to intensify public scrutiny of FDA upper management’s efforts at ensuring public health protection in an increasingly complex global marketplace…and engage (Andy), his successors and FDA upper managers in a public question and answer dialog … to end the entrenched process flaws in FDA’s pre-approval drug review and post-approval regulatory enforcement systems.

“Among the flaws that need to cease,” it continues, “is the abuse of FDA staff, who do their jobs by making publicly known, the existence of harmful and deadly products already approved for, and in, the market.”

Why Thoreau? Thoreau-FDA stands for Thorough – High – Objectivity – Review – Ends – Are – Us – FDA. And the site goes on to say that “wrongful directives/requests” from FDA upper management “cause drug review outcomes to be misrepresented as carefully considered objective ’science based’ assessments, when they are, in fact, pre-determined.”

Source: Civil Servant Disobedience: A Critical FDA Site // Pharmalot

This ought to be an interesting blog to watch.

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Posted by: nikolainikitin | December 23, 2009 7:16 AM

Looking for any former FDA advisor during the time of Propulsid being pushed onto the public, 1993-2002. Need any and all info on this matter. I know this drug was never tested, before it was put on the market. Now I have just had my 4th heart surgery to try and repair the damage they have done to me.
This is not fair.My life is over and they are still carrying on.
Someone please step up and help me and my legal team.

Posted by: Beverly | November 1, 2010 7:58 PM