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TPM Cafe: Sick Workers Hope to Hang KBR with Its Own Tax Loophole

Talk about getting your fist stuck in the cookie jar. Wow. I don't know how I missed this. Covered on TPM Cafe by Paul Kiel, citing to an article in The Boston Globe.

In a nutshell, KBR sent American workers into a toxic workspace in and around "a substance so dangerous that even limited exposure greatly increases the risk of cancer." Many of the workers got sick and are suing KBR for failing to provide adequate protective gear. KBR wants to hide from this lawsuit, under an antiquated law that immunizes employers from employee lawsuits. But the company may have trouble doing this thanks to their stealth efforts to dodge hundreds of millions of dollars in Social Security and Medicare taxes by making it look like these workers weren't their direct employees. Read the details here.

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Posted at 6:26 PM, Apr 28, 2008 in Arbitration
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