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“Get Out of Jail” Card for Corporations: Class Action Waivers

Kudos to MSNBC for covering this huge issue that affects us all as consumers. Take a look and don't forget about the comments section. It is rich! The lawyer featured in the article, Leslie Bailey from Public Justice, was a speaker at last week's panel on Class Actions at Cardozo Law School. She spoke about how these waivers deny consumers justice and let corporations totally off the hook for cheating customers and committing worse acts of corporate crime. Here's a sneak:

Can companies grant themselves a "get out of jail free" card when you sign their contracts? A lawsuit filed in Seattle against AT&T/Cingular may settle that question.

The nonprofit public advocacy group Public Justice is asking a federal court to set aside a provision in old AT&T wireless contracts that prevents consumers from banding together and filing class action lawsuits against the company. The future of class-action lawsuits might be at stake.

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Posted at 4:33 PM, Apr 01, 2008 in Class Action
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