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Former D.C. Workers Say Law Doesn’t Prevent Retaliation

In the Washington Post: Lawyers and advocates of whistle-blowers say that despite a whistleblower protection law, employers still retaliate. The article highlights three stories of employees who witnessed or faced workplace harassment, unsafe working conditions, and improper corporate conduct, reported it, and then were fired. The former employee who was fired for reporting a potential embezzlement case told the paper:

"They fired me for doing what the law says is the right thing to do," Cooper said. "Is it any wonder that no one spoke out all this time about the largest embezzlement case in D.C. history? Of course not. Who would dare speak? It's a culture of corruption -- to look the other way and act like you don't see it."

The article tracks what has happened to these former employees since being fired. One has filed a lawsuit. Can you blame him? Read the article and determine for yourself.

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Posted at 5:48 PM, Apr 30, 2008 in Labor/Employment
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