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Tired of the Same Old Song?

Then you have to check this out. It's a (really good!) song about FISA crimes, called Free Nights and Weekends, by Max and the Marginalized. Here's the first part of the song:

Call me on the telephone, I've got time on my plan I know that no one's listening, but I know that they can A little bit of oversight for transparency's sake It takes a special criminal To break a law that there is no reason to break

Evenings and weekends are free
For them to listen in on you and me
And I can't possibly see
How you and I could ever be
If we go back in time
To when a telephone call it cost just a dime
And a crime was a crime
And we demanded a better excuse than "It's different this time."

Go to the band's blog to read the lyrics to the whole song and to listen to their other work. Rock on against Telecom Immunity!

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Posted at 12:02 PM, Mar 27, 2008 in Governmental Transparency
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