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Broken Hearts & Severed Parts: Injuries at Smithfield Foods’ Tar Heel Plant
by Eric Wingerter, published on DMI Blog.

Donald Turner had only been on the job six weeks when a band saw sliced through two of his fingertips. One was severed completely while the other hung by a thread. At Smithfield Packing, the world’s largest hog processing plant in Tar Heel, North Carolina, injuries this severe are not terribly uncommon.

Sadly, what happened next was par for the course as well. Before releasing him to a hospital, the company clinic put his finger on ice and subjected Donald to a drug test. The test came back clean, but the process took so long that by the time Donald reached the hospital, the ice had melted and his finger could not be re-attached.

Donald’s story is one of many tales of injury and mistreatment among workers at Smithfield’s Tar Heel Plant. The video below highlights a few more, although these still represent just a handful of tragic stories from the plant. KEEP READING


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Posted at 11:33 AM, Feb 21, 2008 in Corporate Abuse | Videos
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