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How will the candidates address racial inequalities in the civil justice system?

A longer post is sure to come. But for now I want to point out this resource on the "2008 Presidential Election and Racism."

It examines the presidential candidates' stances on racial justice and describes their platforms for addressing racial inequality based on specific issues like education, economic development, and voting rights. How excited was I to see there was a section devoted to how the candidates would address racial justice in the civil justice system! (After you select a candidate's name, click on "Platform on Eliminating Racial Inequalities", and then look under "Issues". Civil Justice is one of the first.)

How un-excited I quickly became when I saw that the candidates are pretty much silent on how to address racial inequalities in the civil justice system. Although, I guess I'm not surprised. On the other hand, this resource is under development, so perhaps the civil jsutice section will fill out in time (one can dream).

Do check out the candidates' civil rights plans as well. The link between civil rights and civil justice is all too often ignored, but indeed, the civil justice system is the forum through which many victims of civil rights violations pursue vindication. So this is an important area to keep watch on.

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Posted at 11:42 AM, Feb 07, 2008 in Civil Justice | Civil Rights | Presidential Election | reports and research
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