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An Early Valentine

Wanted to point you in the direction of a campaign the folks at Americans for Fairness in Lending are doing. They are asking people to send Congress a "Valentine's Day" postcard asking Congress to "Kiss Credit Card Abuses Goodbye!":

(January 31, 2008) Each year credit card companies sap billions of dollars from consumers' wallets in excessive fees, unexpected rate hikes and other unfair practices. AFFIL is partnering with Consumers Union in asking folks to take a moment to tell Congress to protect you, not the big credit card companies!

Just go to and with one click you’ll send a real post card to each of your representatives this Valentine's Day. Consumers Union will hand deliver postcards in your name to your Representative and Senators on February 14th. Read more about credit cards.

While most of the discussion on TortDeform on credit card abuse has been focused on the perils of binding mandatory arbitration, the underlying problem is the unfair business practices that give rise to consumer claims against the credit card cos in the first place. The injustice of these unfair business practices is then exacerbated by the fact that consumer claims--claims that a company failed to disclose fees and other terms, overcharged their customers, gave out improper credit, discriminated in the way it loaned out credit, etc.--are then shuffled into pro-corporate arbitration proceedings without the consumer's choice in the matter.

Check out AFFIL's website where you can also find their Principles for Fairness in Lending, and some of the Presidential Candidates' statements on the principles.

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Posted at 11:14 AM, Feb 06, 2008 in Consumer Rights
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