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Restoring Fair Pay… on DMI BLOG

From DMI Blog, Antoine Morris writes about the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Here's an excerpt (emphasis added):

Today, Lilly Ledbetter will be testifying before the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee in the Senate in support of the Fair Pay Restoration Act. The bill explicitly codifies into law the pre-Ledbetter understanding of the 1964 Act, and allows victims of pay discrimination to sue within 180 days of a discriminatory paycheck and to recover up to two years of back pay. And the House already passed a similar bill last year.

More importantly, the bill tries to remain faithful to the spirit of the 1964 Civil Rights Act by effectively protecting workers from discrimination based on age, sex, race, national origin, or disability. Interestingly enough, Ms. Ledbetter herself conveyed how fair pay is as much of a middle class issue as it is a matter of labor and civil rights, when she said:

What happened to me is not only an insult to my dignity, but it had real consequences for my ability to care for my family. Every paycheck I received, I got less than what I was entitled to under the law. The Supreme Court said that this didn’t count as illegal discrimination, but it sure feels like discrimination when you are on the receiving end of that smaller paycheck and trying to support your family with less money than the men are getting for doing the same job. And according to the Court, if you don’t figure things out right away, the company can treat you like a second-class citizen for the rest of your career. That isn’t right.

Read the full blog post here, and click the toolbar to the right to read more about the Ledbetter Act. More to come.

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Posted at 4:31 PM, Jan 24, 2008 in Civil Rights | Employment Discrimination | Legislation
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